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High Growth, Very Profitable Computer Service Company

Hawaii Computer Service Business For Sale

A very profitable and fast-growing computer service, hardware and software re-sale company with over 15 years in the Hawaii market is offered for sale.  They are focused on small/medium size businesses in need of software/hardware and full IT services in very profitable markets in Hawaii.  They provide software, hardware, system configurations, maintenance, networking, Internet configurations, and complete technical support and application training. Their staff is fully qualified to deliver the expertise required to satisfy their client’s needs and expectations.

They have become a significant player in offering cutting edge software systems to the hospitality and retail market segments, two of the largest and most vibrant markets in Hawaii because of Hawaii’s strong tourist economy.   They are exclusive dealers for state-of-the-art software systems, and this has provided annual service contract cash flow from these customers.


Key Investment Points

  • They represent top national software and service brands in Hawaii

  • Great success in re-selling Point of Sale systems and related annual service contracts to the restaurant and retail market – provides re-occurring sales.

  • Diverse product/service offering

  • High owner’s profit margins – 60.5% in 2018

  • All staff are independent contractors paid either hourly for service or on commission – low fixed cost

  • Home based, in 2017 wrote off $17,889 of home expenses on business tax return.

  • Over $50,000 in annual reoccurring service and subscription revenue.

  • Earn enough to really enjoy living and working in Hawaii’s paradise.


This Company has multiple revenue streams and a continuing penetration of the Hawaii market space and this has resulted in significant sales growth.  They have also have been growing their re-occurring revenue, which are in the form of annual service contracts, which are paid upfront.  This business is poised and setup for future success.  The owner has put a great deal of time into positioning this business with strategic partners and customers that will prove to be an asset for future business growth.


Listing ID: HI - Computer

Location: Hawaii (Island Confidential)

Type of Entity:  LLC

Year Established: 2005




Revenue: $223,570

SDE:  $135,320



Asking Price:  $350,000

Included Inventory:  $5,000

F, F &E:  $8,000

Non-Compete: 5 years

Training: 4 weeks; 30 hrs./wk.

Sale Reason: Ill family member that needs full attention and may require owner to relocate to the mainland.



Termination Date: August 2019

One-year renewal

Monthly Rent: $400

Sq. Ft.: 200

Comments:  Two offices and use of shared kitchen, 600 sq. ft. presentation room and 80 sq. ft. conference room.



Seller needs to relocate back to the mainland to care for a seriously ill family member.


  • Rapid sales growth: 2014 sales of $55,880; 2018 sales of $223,570

  • Great success in re-selling software/hardware systems and related annual service contracts to the hospitality and retail markets – provides re-occurring sales.

  • Major growth opportunity to penetrate the Hawaii market, one of the fastest growth computer services segments.

  • All staff are independent contractors paid either hourly for service or on commission – low fixed cost.

  • Earn enough to really enjoy living and working in Hawaii’s paradise.



  • Expand geographically to other Hawaii islands, using referrals from current customers and vendors and selling efforts by in house sales staff.

  • Broaden hospitality and retail product offerings

  • Expand sales of annual service contracts

  • Broaden other IT services solutions for existing/new customers in areas like:

  • Backup and storage

  • Email/Exchange hosting

  • Upgrades to Windows versions & products

  • Upgrades to federal compliancy

  • Customers will need to have security devices installed for federal compliance with fraud protection, which will result in hardware sales and hourly rate services.

  • EMV for credit card payment services.


Is now the time to own your own high-tech business in Hawaii’s paradise?



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