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Maui, HI Property Management Company



The seller has managed both AOAO and HOA properties for over 15 years and provides a boutique service to its clients. The buyer is looking for an established property management company already in the Maui market to enhance the retention of clients.


The seller has a few options for potential buyers


Option 1: The buyer can elect to purchase only the accounts. Meaning none of the assets, employees, or facilities are included. This option is best suited for existing Maui property management companies that have the bandwidth to acquire additional business and use their own cost structure to generate a profit.


Option 2: The buyer can elect to purchase the business in its entirety. This would include business assets, and the ability to lease or purchase the commercial building the company currently operates out of. The employees may also retire and not be willing to stay on for very long after the purchase.  This option is best suited for an owner operator with brokerage, AOAO, and HOA experience and needs infrastructure to expand their current operations.



  • 15 years + of client relationships

  • Revenues of approximately $350,000 Estimated 2024

  • 12 accounts (7 HOA’s, 3 AOAO’s, and 2 Water Companies)

  • Strong Financial performance and consistent revenue

  • Stable client base

  • Online software with ability to easily transition client information

  • Ability to grow based on company performance

  • Will provide smooth transition support



  • Selling only the management accounts only

  • Buyer to absorb accounts with their cost structure to maximize profits



Listing ID:  Maui Property Management

Location: Maui

Type of Entity: S Corporation

Year Established: 2008

Industry or Business Category: Property Management Services



     2023 Source: Financial Statements

Revenue: $323,000 Management Accounts Only  (No brokerage commissions)



Asking Price:  $200,000

Inventory: N/A

Tangible Assets (F, F, &, E): $10,000  Computers, desks, filing cabinets. 

Non-Compete: 5 years in Maui County with exception to continue to sell real estate and maintain broker’s license.

Training:  two weeks; 30 hrs./wk.

Seller’s Note:  None

Sale Reason:  Retirement


BUSINESS IS: Relocatable



Status: Owned

Monthly Rent: Willing to negotiate a fair market lease if needed.



8 Homeowner association, 3 AOAO’s and two water companies.



Two full time and two part time. (May not come with the transaction)


COMPETITION (Pros and Cons of Business)

Innovation will keep the property management business in front of the competition.  Making sure your clients’ needs are met through excellent customer service.  Clients will have the opportunity to pick from different association management providers. Many management companies will prioritize sales over quality of customer service. 



The owners are responsible for making sure all property management tasks are completed   Hiring of employees.  Collaboration with the owners’ boards.  Decision making, financial management, business goals. Compliance with regulations. Implementation of business strategies.



Expansion opportunities are very important in the field of property management.  If you provide the services, associations will want your company.  There is the opportunity to expand into rental management.  The field is just limited by your vision and technology to manage different platforms. 



Must have a Hawaii real estate broker’s License



Very robust company will have tremendous opportunity for expansion.  The providing of documentation for real estate sales within the association(s) is a good provider of additional income.  

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