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Why Live and Work in Hawaii?

When one talks to long time Hawaii residents, they typically cite the following reasons:

  • Great weather year round

  • Wonderful safe environment for raising a family

  • Friendly people, laid back lifestyle... the spirit of aloha

  • Spectacular scenic beauty and nature; oceans and mountains

  • Non-stop outdoor and sporting activities

  • Best and freshest fish in the world

  • Quality, diverse cultural events

  • One of the US’s healthiest states

  • Highest average life expectancy in the US

  • Strong economy and low unemployment

  • Many Business Opportunities

Hawaii Business Environment Over the past decade, Hawaii has made significant advancements in developing its business sector. Specific reasons why companies choose Hawaii are as diverse as the businesses themselves. However, some of the most often reasons include:

○ Quality of Life Hawaii offers an unsurpassed quality of life. Our business community considers its quality of life to be an excellent asset for attracting and retaining quality workforce and businesses. "Economic Intelligence" ranks Hawaii #1 for Favorable Climate, Good Housing, Low Crime Rate, Healthiest Population and Abundant Recreational Activities.

Gallop has ranked Hawaii as:

  1. 2014 Highest Financial Well Being

  2. 2012 Least Stressed

  3. 2015 Overall Well Being

  4. 2014 Lowest Obesity

Harris Poll – 2015 - #3 best place to live in the USA

United Health Foundation – 2015 #1 USA Health Ranking

○ Location Advantage Hawaii's strategic mid-pacific location allows shorter air travel distance to US mainland and Asia. This reason alone makes assembling meetings and conventions easier.

○ Time Zone Advantage Hawaii's central position between Time Zones allows communication with cities from Sydney and Tokyo to Los Angeles and New York during the same business day.

○ Cosmopolitan Society Hawaii is home to a multicultural and multilingual population. The state of Hawaii is ranked 5th for having the maximum number of mixed race population, 5th for speaking a language other than English and 12th for percentage of population having a bachelor's degree or higher. The state is also ranked 10th in the US for workforce education.

○ Communication Hub Hawaii is at the very hub of a phenomenal web of high-speed networks that connect the U.S. Mainland and Canada to Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia / Singapore and Australia / New Zealand. Honolulu is ranked the #1 Digital City in the U.S.

○ Capital Availability Businesses in Hawaii benefit from various federal, state, venture capital and angel funds.

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