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​Hawaii Business Sales offers strategic consulting advice with two primary objectives in mind:


​​Enhancing shareholder value

  Bettering owner quality of life 


Consulting services are provided only by are most senior staff.  Services are laser focused on the handful of changes likely to yield the greatest results.  For clients needing more in depth assistance, we can provide referrals to a network of consultants with specialized expertise in key functional disciplines (e.g.,, sales, marketing, human resources, information technology, finance) as well as industry specialists consultants (e.g., retail, tourism, construction). 


Representative consulting project outputs, supporting analysis and owner benefits are summarized in the table below.  Naturally, projects are highly customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client.



Consulting Project Outputs & Supporting Analysis


  1. Owner time and task management

  2. Business plan (sample inputs: vision/ mission statement; financial projections and plan, marketing plan)

  3. Exit plan

  4. Financial assessment (sample inputs: sources and uses of cash, ratio analysis, identification of key profit drivers, product/service line profitability, inventory turns)

  5. Marketing/ growth plan (sample inputs: market segmentation, market research, distribution channel strategy, pricing strategy, marketing program ROI, distribution channel assessment)

  6. Customer service/ satisfaction

  7. Competitive analysis

  8. Human resources plan (sample inputs: employee turnover, compensation plans, customer satisfaction surveys, training program)

  9. Operations plan (sample inputs: productivity benchmarking and trends, quality measurement, purchasing strategy, energy audit, downtime analysis, technology assessment)


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