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Hawaii Solar Power Installer – Real Estate available

Pre-qualified for an SBA Loan

Hawaii Solar Power Installer for Sale


This Hawaii based, highly rated, growing, and very profitable solar power and battery backup systems installation company, and its real estate is now offered for sale due to the pending retirement of the owner.


The Company provides both high quality energy consulting, and the installation of solar power products for residences and commercial/industrial buildings in Hawaii. They use only the best available branded products and technology available, and consistently have the highest customer reviews in their market.  Sales are either in cash or the Company can help customers obtain financing.


The key demand drivers for the business are: (1) the very high cost of electricity in Hawaii (which is primarily based on high cost imported oil) and is 166% higher than the average US city, and (2) federal and state income tax incentives.



  • Growing and profitable industry.

  • Pre-qualified for an SBA loan: Principal: $4,950,000, 10 Year term, monthly payment: $66,099.81

  • Well-known and preferred supplier to their market.

  • Excellent and growing revenues, profits and cash flow:

    • Very strong historical sales growth (up 360% from 2018 to 2022) and YTD July 2023 revenues up 37% over last year – tracking to a $10 million+ revenue year.

    • Consistent & growing high owner’s profits (SDE) (up 334% from 2018 to 2022) and YTD July 2023 SDE of over $778,600, up 53% over last year.Historically over 61% of sales have been made during the last half of the year due to tax incentives.

  • 2023 sales are tracking to about $10 million vs $8.2 million in 2022.

  • Easy to scale business model, with expansion possibilities to other Hawaii islands.

  • Their professionally created website is a great selling tool.

  • World class employees and subcontractors

  • Low fixed costs and headquarters lease rent is less than 1% of sales per year.

  • Continue to hone their business model resulting in fast growth, lower costs and excellent profits.

  • An affiliate of the owner owns the commercial condo headquarters location and leases it to the Company.This real estate is also available for the buyer’s purchase at $450,000 and the Seller will finance through an “Agreement of Sale”

  • The owner will agree to become the State of Hawaii construction contractor license holder (the “”) for the buyer for a limited time after Closing (if needed



  • Listing ID:  Hawaii Solar

  • Location: Hawaii (Island Confidential)

  • Type of Entity:  LLC

  • Years Established: over 10 years.

  • Industry or Business Category: Electrical installation of solar energy products & services.



  • 2022, Source: Tax Return          YTD July 31, 2023, Source: QuickBooks

  • Revenue: $8.2 million                    $4.94 million; up 37.1%

  • SDE: $1.54 million                         $788,500; up 53.5%



  • Asking Price:  $5,500,000 (business only)

  • Inventory included in the Price:  $75,000

  • Tangible Assets (F,F&E):  approx. $100,000

  • Non-Compete:  5 years

  • Training:  2 weeks

  • Sale Reason: Retirement

  • Real Estate for sale at $450,000; Seller to finance this with an Agreement of Sale.



  • Status: Leased from an affiliate of the owner.  A commercial condo office and warehouse.

  • Space: 2,000 sq. ft. on 2 levels

  • Monthly Rent: Currently $3,000 per month, NNN plus GET + CAM; approx. $46,000 per year; and $1.91 per sq. ft./month)

  • Lease Expiration Date: 5 Years plus renewal

  • Offered for sale at $450,000, fee simple.


  • CUSTOMERS:  Most customers are homeowners.  The company also does commercial work.


  • EMPLOYEES:  5 (excluding owner & wife)



  • They have several competitors, but this company is consistently rated by customers and in internet reviews as the best supplier in the market.



  • New Customers

  • Key focus is to convince new customers of the benefits of solar and to sell them a project.  This will include door knocking sales, mailers, and increased social media.  They have just instituted a new sales plan to work on this opportunity with additional in-house project managers/salesmen.


  • New Markets - They currently do not focus much on the commercial construction market, so this would be an area of potential sales growth.


  • New Products - They plan to add the sale of Solar Leases for tax benefits to customers.


  • New Geographies - Expanding to the other Hawaii islands.  They have the licenses, product mix, supply chain, and marketing tools needed for this.


  • TRADING DAYS/HOURS:  5 days per week, 9 am to 5 pm



  • State of Hawaii construction contractor’s license.  The owner will offer to stay as the buyer’s Responsible Management Employee (“RME”) after closing for an agreed period of time, (if needed).



  • To receive a very detailed 75+ page Confidential Business Profile with all relevant business details and tax return based financial information, please contact Hawaii Business Sales.

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